The Archive has amazing collections of individual photographs and photograph albums showing people, places and things around Waitaki from the early days to the present. You can view some of our photographs at our Collections online

Please email if you have an enquiry about the photographic collection. Photographs can be purchased for personal, private and non-commercial purposes.

Significant collections include: 

J M Brown. Photographic Collection This is a series of negatives depicting Otago and North Otago people, business, places and scenes. The negatives are attributed to J M Brown who was a bookseller and stationer with a business on Thames Street. It is believed he was also a prolific photographer turning many of his photographs into postcards he sold in his store, 1870s-1930s.

J J Hore Photographic Collection This is a collection of photograph proof sheets and prints taken by J J Hore Photography when they had Central Studios in Oamaru, 1960s-1980.

Colin Jones Photographic Collection Photographs taken or collected by Colin Jones, 1874-1982.

Kevin Keppel Photographic Collection Photographs taken by Kevin Keppel of Camerascope, between 1968 and 1977.

Athol Martin Photographic Collection This is a series of photographs collected and taken by Athol Martin. The photographs cover North Otago events, scenery, transport, buildings, business developments and redevelopments, groups, family portraits and a number of weddings, 1880s-1990s.

David Erskine Neave Photographic Collection The subjects of the photographs include the Neave Family of Kurow, Munro family (David Erskine Neave married Mabel Munro) WWI Photographs taken overseas, transport and agriculture, 1900-1940s. 

North Otago Museum Postcard Collection This is a series of postcards collected and arranged by the North Otago Museum into specific subject headings. The postcards relate to subjects that include: Gardens, Itchen Tyne and Tees, Thames, Banks, Views of Oamaru, Commercial Buildings not in Tyne Tees Itchen or Thames, Churches, Harbour, Windmill, Schools, North Otago, Portraits, Transport, Composite and Humourous, 1860s-1980s

Max Smyth Photographic Collection This is a series of photographs taken by photographer Max Smyth. The photographs are studio prints of group photographs of people in local businesses, organisations and clubs, including sports clubs and teams, and are mounted on card, 1960s – 1970s.

Oamaru Mail Photographic Collection This collection comprises negatives, positives and proof sheets taken by the Oamaru Mail, 1964-1990s.

Ian S Smith Photographic Collection Photographs taken by Ian Smith, Photographer. The photographs taken are of various people, places and activities in and around North Otago and have a very broad subject matter including portraits, events, groups, school groups, sports, performances and productions, businesses, buildings, 1950s-1970s.