Church Archives

St Andrews Anglican Church, Maheno. Collection of the Waitaki Archive. Id 158248

Waitaki Archive holds records of the following Chrurches. Note: Presbyterian records are held by Presbyterian Research Centre, Dunedin.

All Saints Combined Church
Report on Twizel-Omarama Chaplaincy 1974-1976

Omarama Combined Church – St Thomas / Upper Waitaki Combined Church
Various Administration Reports 1970-1995

Enfield Anglican Church
                Service Register 1929-1954

Otematata Anglican Church (St George?)
                Warden’s Reports and Balance Sheets 1963-1969

At Alban’s Anglican Church, Kurow
                Marriage Registers 1892-1955
                Baptism Register 1878-1955
                Mothers’ Union Minute books 1935-1967
                Minute Books 1890-1969
                Service Registers 1891-1977              

St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Maheno
                Financial records 1908-1987
                Centennial book 1985
                Association of Anglican Women, Correspondence 2000-2004
                Service Registers 1902-1935

St Luke’s Anglican Church, Oamaru
                Baptism Registers 1862-1976
                Burial Register 1863-1995
                Marriage Registers 1862-1977
                Vestry Minutes 1865-2004
                Parish magazine 1914-2005

St Martin’s Anglican Church, Duntroon
                Service Registers 1891-1969             

St Mary’s Anglican Church, Herbert
                Service Registers 1911-1917, 1954-1970
                Minute Books 1944-1970
                Cash Book 1962-1971          

St Mary’s Anglican Church, Ngapara
                Service Book, 1936-1950
                Service Register 1934-1937

St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, Oamaru
                Ladies’ Guild Minutes 1960-1998
                Confirmation Lists 1922-1969

Newborough Mothers’ Union Minute Books 1938-1953
                Mothers’ Union 1953-1971              

St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Hampden (closed 2015)
                Marriage Registers 1878-1987 
                Baptism Registers 1878-2007
                Burial Registers 1960-1996, 1981-2011
                Confirmation Lists 1954-1976 (incomplete)
                Ladies’ Guild Minute and Cash Books
                Association of Anglican Women, Minute Book 1996-1999
                Vestry Minute Books

St Swithin’s Anglican Church, Kakanui
                Annual Meeting Book 1955-1977
                Vestry Book 1959-1979

Weston Anglican Church
                Ladies’ Guild Minute Books 1975-1989

Baptist Church
                Minute Books 1883-1945
                Marriage Registers 1892-1949
                Sabbath School Roll Books 1907-1914
                Cradle Roll Book 1927-1952

Church of Christ
                Marriage Registers 1902-1973               

Congregational Church (Emmanual Congregational Church)
                Marriage Register 1881-1884

Union Parish Church
                Women’s Fellowship Records 1963-1999
                Rawahiti Club 1932
                125th Anniversary of Methodism in North Otago 1988