Maps and Plans

Plan of the town of Oamaru 1860, Waitaki District Archive 568

The Archive has a large collection of maps and plans from around Waitaki available to view. These include town plans, survey maps, architectural plans, industrial plans and hydrographical (charts). The following maps are available online:

Kā Huru Manu, The Ngāi Tahu Cultural Mapping Project, is dedicated to mapping the traditional place names and associated stories within the Ngāi Tahu rohe (tribal area).

The National Library of New Zealand Cartographic Collection has some excellent maps available online. Nineteenth century online maps and plans from this collection are listed below.

Archives New Zealand Otago Crown Grant Index Record Maps (9431).
Ahuriri Survey District

Awamoko Survey District

Benmore Survey District

Hawksbury Survey District

Highlay Survey District

Kakanui Survey District

Kauroo Survey District

Kurow Survey District

Marewhenua Survey District

Moeraki Survey District

Ohau Lake Survey District

Ohau River Survey District

Otamatakau Survey District [Otematata]

Otepopo Survey District

Papakaio Survey District

Waihemo Survey District

Town of Hampden

Town of Herbert

Town of Herbert

Town of Kurow

Town of Macraes

Town of Moeraki

Town of Oamaru - North

Town of Oamaru - Central

Town of Oamaru - South

Town of Palmerston

Town of Waitaki Bridge

Plan of the town of Oamaru [electronic resource] / F. Fairburn, assistant surveyor, August 22nd 1860.

Plan of Waitaki Bridge township [electronic resource] / Henry Connell, surveyor, 1875 ; drawn by W.J. Percival, June 11th 1875

Plan of township of Waitaki Bridge [electronic resource] / Henry Connell, Dist. surveyor, April 1874 ; drawn by W.J. Percival, 8.6.74

Town of Kurow [electronic resource] / G. Mackenzie, Dist. Surveyor, Dec. 1880 ; W.J. Percival Lith. 12.4.81

Town of Livingstone [electronic resource] / D. Barron dist. surveyor June 1874 ; photo-lithographed by A. McColl ; J. Douglas Delt. Aug. 20th 1874

Plan of the town of Herbert [electronic resource] / G.M. Barr, assistant surveyor, Decr. 1862, J.E.F. Coyle, March, 1870

General plan of the town of Hampden [electronic resource] drawn by John Reid.

Plan of the town of Moeraki [electronic resource] / [surveyed by] G.M. Barr.

Plan of the town of Maheno[electronic resource] / [surveyed by] A.M. Ross. Date: 1869

Plan of the town of Palmerston [electronic resource].

Town of Waihemo [electronic resource] / surveyed by G. Mackenzie; W.J. Percival, lith. 1880

Plan of Dunback Township 1893

Plan of the township of Macraes [electronic resource] / surveyed by D. Barron, dist. surveyor, Sep. 1876

Oamaru Survey District [electronic resource] / W. Spreat, 1866

Awamoko Survey District [electronic resource] / W. Spreat, lith 1868

Otepopo Survey District [electronic resource] / W. Spreat, lith.1867

Kauroo Survey District [electronic resource] / W. Spreat, lith. 1870

Papakaio Survey District [electronic resource] / W. Spreat, lith 1867

Maruwenua Survey District [electronic resource] / H. Easton Taylor, Litho., January 1884.

Moeraki Survey District [electronic resource] / W. Spreat, lith 1867

Ohau Lake & Ohau River Survey District [electronic resource] / [/ S.A. Park

Topographical plan of Waihemo Survey District [electronic resource] / drawn by John M. Malings, June 1884