Top Ten: Christmas Books

Top Ten: Christmas Books

Time to get into the Christmas spirit! Check out our new Christmas Books in the list below

Stink-o-saurus Saves Christmas by Deano Yipadee (Children’s Kitset)
Christmas is in trouble . . . but Stan has a plan to ‘waft in’ and save the day! The dinosaurs can’t wait for Christmas morning, but unfortunately Santa is having transport problems! Stan heads off to the North Pole to see if he can help. Luckily, he comes up with a super (if smelly) solution! Can Stan the Stink-o-saurus live up to his hero reputation and save Christmas Day?

Where’s Santa by Louis Shea (Children’s Puzzle Book)
Oh no! All the reindeer are sick, so Santa can't deliver his presents! Luckily, Santa's Elf, Digit, has invented Robodolph to fly the sleigh instead. The only problem is that Santa accidentally programs Robodolph to fly them to another galaxy! To get home, Santa must go through all the planets in the galaxy. Will Santa get back to Earth in time for Christmas?

When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney by James Grafton (Children’s Kitset)
A-choo, A-choo, A-choo! Oh no! Santa is stuck in the chimney! How will the boys and girls get their presents if he’s stuck in there all night? Sing along to this hilarious Christmas song with singer Teo Gebert

Pig the Elf by Aaron Blabey (Children’s Picture Book)
No one loves Christmas more than Pig. And the world's greediest pug will stay up all night to get his presents! When Pig yips at Santa and finds himself joining in on the flying sleigh ride, things quickly get out of hand in a way that is pure Pig pandemonium.

Mouse’s Night Before Christmas by Tracey Corderoy (Children’s Picture Book)
It's Christmas Eve and everyone is fast asleep . . . except for a lonely mouse who lives in the grandfather clock. So when Santa arrives, lost in a blizzard, Mouse is the only one who can show him the way. Together they embark on a magical sleigh ride, delivering presents all around town. But the best present of all is for Mouse . . . a special friend to share Christmas Day with.

There’s an Elf in Your Book by Tom Fletcher (Children’s Picture Book)
Do you have what it takes to make Santa’s Nice List? An elf is here to test you in Tom Fletcher’s newest participatory read-aloud. Don’t let the elf trick you into being naughty! Just follow his instructions to sing a Christmas carol, clap, burp… Hey, wait a second!

Twelve Unicorns of Christmas by Timothy Knapman (Children’s Picture Book)
This year one little girl has asked for a REAL LIFE UNICORN for Christmas. But as Christmas grows closer and closer, she's not sure how Santa is going to deliver her unicorn. How will he fit it in her stocking or down the chimney? Will she get her Christmas wish?

Santa’s High-Tech Christmas by Mike Dumbleton (Children’s Picture Book)
Santa has discovered high-tech gear. With his techno-pad, a soft reclining seat in his sleigh and a rocket pack, he is well prepared to deliver presents for Christmas Day. But as things start to go wrong, Santa needs the help of a young girl so that all the presents get delivered on time.

The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clark Moore (Children’s Picture Book)
This classic Clement Clarke Moore poem is given new life with beautiful illustrations by Helene Magisson

A Cat’s Christmas Carol by Sam Hay (Children’s Picture Book)
It’s Christmas Eve and all the staff in the department store are on their way home for Christmas. All except one . . . Clawdia, the department store’s security cat! She doesn’t see the point in silly festive celebrations and would much rather prowl the corridors making sure everything is in order. But when three cold and lonely visitors turn up at the store, they teach Clawdia a few key lessons about the true meaning of Christmas.

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