Staff Reads: What our Librarians' are reading

Staff Reads What our Librarians are reading

Ever wondered what the staff at the Ōamaru Library are reading? Well here's your chance!

Check out our list below for all the goodies the staff are reading and their reviews for this month.


Lynley's pick is Dressed: Fashionable Dress in Aotearoa New Zealand 1840 to 1910 by Claire Regnault
(Adult Non-Fiction, Lifestyle, 391.009 REG)

The museums of Aotearoa New Zealand hold a glorious treasure trove of clothing worn by fashionable women from 1840 to the early 1900s, showing the history of women's fashion from ball gowns and riding habits to tea gowns and much more.

- This very recently published book combines wonderful photographs with very specific personal histories of the women who wore those beautiful garments as far back as 1840. Wonderful!


Fanua's pick is The Inner Darkness by Jørn Lier Horst; translated by Anne Bruce
(Adult Fiction Rental, HOR)

The thrilling third instalment in the Cold Case Quartet, Kerr has finally agreed to lead the police to his final victim's grave. But the expedition goes horribly wrong after his escape into the Norwegian forest.

- To catch the killer William Wisting must step into more than one darkness. One of the best Nordic Crim Writers Ever! A++++++


Glenys' pick is Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide to Happiness by Bill Bailey 
(Adult Non-Fiction, Health & Wellbeing, 152.42 BAI)

A compilation of funny, personal, and meditative essays about happiness by comedian Bill Bailey, fully illustrated by Bill Bailey himself.

- Written largely during his UK lockdown, Bill has compiled a gentle record of thirty-six aspects of life and living that add to his general well-being. From rambling through Bali to meet the maker of a gamelan, to diving in glacial waters in Iceland, Bill reveals many intrepid experiences that hae enhanced his life and shaped his view of humanity. Highly recommended!


Fiona's pick is The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley
(Adult Fiction Rental, POO)

Desperate to confess the deep loneliness he feels, Julian begins The Authenticity Project - a small green notebook containing the truth about his life - to pass on and encourage others to share their own. Leaving it on a table in Monica's cafe, Julian never expects how his small act of honesty will impact all those who come into contact with the book.

- This book cleverly intertwines six strangers' lives and kept me guessing right until the end how their stories would play out.


Jean's pick is Fresh Water for Flowers by Valérie Perrin; translated by Hildegarde Serle
(Adult Fiction Rental, PER)

Violette Toussaint is a cemetery keeper, a wise and compassionate woman who offers comfort to the gried stricken, to grave diggers, the local priest and a family of undertakers. Carrying with her own sad and difficult past, Violette draw joy from her garden. Her skill in producing both food and flowers has been passed onto her by her predecessor at the cemetery. One day her routine is disrupted by a police detective whose late mother has requested that her ashes rest with an unknown man. In the unravelling of this mystery, Violette's haunted past also begins to be revealed and in unexpected ways.

- This story is filled to the brim with memorable characters. It is both tragic and heartwarming. 


Kerrie's pick is Blade of Secrets by Tricia Levenseller
(Young Adult Fiction, LEV)

Eighteen year old Blacksmith Ziva prefers metal to people, spending her days tucked away in her forge, safe from society and the anxiety it causes her. When Ziva is approached by a powerful warlord and discovers that the sword she is commissioned to forge will be used to enslave all the world under her rule, Ziva and her sister are forced to go on the run, on a quest of their own, to keep the sword safe until they can find a worthy weilder.

- Adventure, romance, witty banter and sword fights! This book has it all. Can't wait for the next installment.


Eileen's pick is Oats in the North, Wheat from the South, by Regula Ysewijn
(Adult Non-Fiction, Food & Drink, 641.815 YSE)

Oats in the North, Wheat from the South is a guided tour of Great Britain's baking heritage. Each of the timeless recipes is accompanied by stories of the landscape, legends and traditions of the Great Britain. Regula shows us how the diverse climate of the British Isleas influenced the growth of cerel crops and the development of rich regional baking identity.

- Best Book Ever! (Even Mum really enjoyed this one!)


Linda's pick is House of Dragons by Jessica Cluess
(Yong Adult Fiction, CLU)

Far away in the Dragon Kingdom of Etrusa, the eldest of five royal houses are selected by the Call to compete in a contest that will test their will and power to become the new Emperor of the throne. But this year the Call is different, as the five outcasts of the royal houses have been called, each one confused and unprepared as the other.

- an inspiring tale of unlikely heroes, friendship, betrayal and a dark secret that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Linda Robertson