Something to Look Forward To!

Something to Look Forward To!

Stop the Press! There will be a smorgasbord of new reading coming your way during the next few months after the library reopens and listed here are just a few “tasters” to whet your appetites -

For fans of British thriller writer, M. R. (Matthew) Hall who wrote the Coroner series, comes the first in a new series The Black Art of Killing.

Another thrilling title to look for is Peter Swanson’ Rules for Perfect Murders.

If you are addicted to wartime sagas Liz Trenow has a beauty coming soon called Under a Wartime Sky.

US author, Ariel Lawhon, has based his novel on the life of resistance agent Nancy Wake and this one is called Codename Helene.

Jodi Picoult, who needs no introduction, has a new title A Spark of Light.

Another writer needing no introduction is NZ’s very own Fiona Kidman with a brand new book All the Way to Summer.

If you’re following the Inspector Bruno series of whodunnits set in France look out for the author, Martin Walker’s, latest The Shooting at Chateau Rock.

An historical novel is coming soon from much lauded writer, Maggie O’Farrell, it’s called Hamnet and so the Shakespeare connection will make this a fascinating read I’m sure.

Another historical novel with a difference is Gulliver’s Wife by Lauren Chater.

To finish, NZ’s Nicky Pellegrino has another great new title, Tiny Pieces of Us.

And don't forget about all those wonderful books we ordered before the quarantine was put in place!

Kerrie Gamble