Check out these fabulous picture books, all written by New Zealand authors, and all new to Ōamaru Library! From a knitting knight to an adventurous penguin, these stories are wacky, weird, and wonderful – perfect for a story before bed.


Old Truck and the Flood by Jennifer Somervell and Margery Fern

Old Truck is home alone when the Tongariro River bursts its banks. 'What will happen to me?' he thinks. 'I am not a duck! I'm a truck. And I'm stuck!”


A Baa-rilliant Adventure by Jennifer Somervell

Story about the birth of Jesus told from the sheep's perspective, who get into trouble when the excited shepherds abandon them to get to Bethlehem.


Holy Socks by Dawn McMillan

One Christmas Eve, some years ago, a ginger kitten wandered along a street on the far side of town. He was hungry and cold and wet. Bertie McGinty finds the kitten and christens him Holy Socks. Soon the pair is inseparable. Even after Bertie's death, Holy Socks sticks by his master and takes up home in the church near his grave.


The Girl Who Was Scared of Everything by Emma Pascoe

Elaine feels scared of everything, and she doesn't always know why... but she doesn't want to miss out of all the exciting things her friends get to do!


Let it Go by Rebekah Lipp

Encourages children to explore what emotions feel like in their bodies. Join Aroha and her friends as they navigate their way through four emotions: sadness, anger, shame, and fear.


Sir Singlet by Dawn McMillan

Sir Singlet is clever with his needle and thread. He has even won a war with his talent for stitch. Find out how Sir Singlet saved the day in his colourful, wonderful ‘Knightwear’!


Little Hoiho by Stephanie Thatcher

On her first venture out of the nest, Little Hoiho admires the other birds around her and tries desperately to imitate them - with unfortunate results!


The Dog and the Mog love Christmas by Kaye Arnott

As Christmas approaches, the family cat and dog know that something is going on. With a new tree in the lounge and lots of decorations about, things are going to get messy!


Treasure beyond measure: a collective noun safari by Helen Griffiths

This Collective Noun Safari takes the reader on a journey through its pages discovering funny and fascinating names for groups of animals until it comes across one extremely dangerous creature.


Squeakopotamus by Dawn McMillan

Who's rattling and roaring? Snorting and snoring? It's Squeakopotamus! Is he a hippo? Or is he a mouse? And will the children be able to keep him!