An Expansive Appoach to Readers' Advisory in Libraries

An Expansive Appoach to Readers' Advisory in Libraries

Two of our Oamaru Librarians, Maclean Barker, Large Print and Audio-visual Services Co-ordinator and Jean Rivett, Fiction Selector and Branches' Co-coordinator, recently ran a workshop that looked at how we, as library professionals, help our readers discover new reading material. In library speak, we call this the "readers advisory" role or "RA" for short.

There is stiff competition for making reading or listening time in these days of streaming services, social media and video-gaming. So when you come into one of our libraries our librarians want to get it right! To keep things interesting and fresh we need to think outside the box when choosing or creating the right resource for you, so we are often thinking of new ways to refresh and expand the way we approach RA.

The following Power Point Slide is Maclean and Jean's workshop presentation to library professionals in the lower South Island. They have used food (the fresher the better!) as an analogy that also teaches fellow librarians the ‘recipe’ for success
and ideas for useful resources and library displays that hopefully result in a better reading experience for you, the customer.

We hope you enjoy the information you find in these presentation slides.

Debbie Price-Ewen