Business News and Reviews - June 2019

Heartland Strong book cover 2019

Heartland Strong edited by Margaret Brown, et al., Massey University Press - Business & Economics (307.141 HEA)
A new vision for the future of New Zealand’s rural communities
The future of New Zealand’s rural communities is often in the news. Empty shops, depopulation and lack of jobs are offered as signs that many towns are dying. However, the strength of social ties and development of digital technologies, the innovations in rural entrepreneurship and the functioning informal economy suggest that some rural communities are in good health.
There is no getting away from the challenges to the rural sector. But rural communities have shown themselves to be resilient over many years, and that is likely to continue. Most importantly, people in rural communities, in townships and on farms, have options. This important book, based on years of research, shows how, and provides useful insights into, the ongoing process of change in rural communities and the resources on which they draw to support their resilience. It offers a positive message and blueprints for progress. (Description from Massey University Press)

Company of One by Paul Jarvis - Business & Economics (on order - can be reserved)
In business, growth is always the goal. But what if a bigger company just results in more bureaucracy, meetings, responsibility and stress? What if the real key to a richer and more fulfilling career was not to scale up but rather to stay deliberately compact, agile and focused; a highly-profitable and sustainable company of one? Company of One is a refreshingly new approach centered on staying small and avoiding growth for any sized business. It can help you free yourself from long meetings, employee responsibility and juggling clients and all whilst still generating a consistent cash flow. Paul Jarvis left the corporate world and now runs a productive business from his new home off Vancouver Island. In Company of One, he explains how you can find the right pathway to do the same, including planning to set up, determining desired revenues and keeping clients happy, and of course, doing all this on your own. (Description from Wheelers)

The Creative's guide to Starting a Business: how to turn your talent into a career by Harriet Kelsall - Business & Economics (on order - can be reserved)
This book offers the creative budding entrepreneur and experienced artist alike, a wealth of easy-to-follow advice and information on: Choosing the right time to start their business; creating a marketable product; identifying their market and reaching their customers; researching the competition; pricing and testing their market; writing a business plan; marketing the business; how to persevere through the tough times and then deal with success! This informative book is packed with interviews, case studies and tips from successful entrepreneurs who started with a passion and turned it into their own successful creative business. (Description from Wheelers)

Being You: how to build your personal brand and confidence by Maggie Eyre (on order - can be reserved)
Being You teaches you everything you need to know about personal branding. A personal brand tells the world about who you are as a human being personally and professionally. It's about authenticity and is derived exclusively from your mind, your heart, your values, your passions, and what you believe to be true at the core of your personal and professional self. That's why it's unique - because it begins with and is created from you. Whether you are the leader of an organization or team, engaged in creative work, in transition and changing your job, searching for a new career, going for a job interview, giving an important speech or presentation, wanting to network more effectively, or lobbying for a public position, this book will provide you with the toolkit to develop a confident personal brand. Being You shows you how to communicate your business and increase your brand awareness, both face to face and on digital platforms, including a comprehensive social media strategy. It provides practical tips to reach your target audience and land your message, while sharing the secrets of some of the world's biggest personal brands - from Oprah Winfrey to Roger Federer - on how they grew their audiences and achieved success. It's practical, authoritative, inspirational and illustrated with stories and case studies based on Maggie's own international work and experience. (Description from Wheelers)

Winging It by Emma Isaacs - Business & Economics (650.1 ISA)
CEO and entrepreneur Emma Isaacs forgot to draw up her life plan, and she doesn't have a list of five-year goals. She doesn't believe in work/life balance - after all she has five children and heads up Business Chicks, Australia's largest community for women. Like Sheryl Sandberg, who told us to 'lean in' to find success, Emma wants to show us that you can't plan every detail and wait for the confidence to kick in before you begin; instead, take action now, do what feels right and figure the rest out as you go along. In other words, you've got to learn how to 'wing it' rather than wait. Drawing on her own life and the stories of the many men and women she has met and interviewed - from Sir Richard Branson to Bill Gates to Girlboss Sophia Amoruso - Emma tells us how to: * Turn a dream into a job ; * Turn a job into a business * Network like a champion ; * Protect your time for the things that matter ; * Get fired up not ground down by the kids/career juggle, and * Understand that sometimes failure is part of the brief. Emma shows us that often the only thing holding us back is ourselves; that you can follow your dreams; and that there's no reason not to start doing so right now.

Debbie Price-Ewen