Graphic concepts for the Our Land theme in the new museum displays

Museum main display space redevelopment

You might have noticed all the building work happening around the Museum. Most of this work is readying the main display space for our new displays. The old displays from the 1970s have been removed and the building has been repaired and upgraded with new fire systems, data systems, new wall surfaces, lighting heating and new carpet. This work is almost done.

At the same time staff and expert consultants are working on designing the new displays. Staff have been working hard on developing the overarching concepts for the displays. Our Curator Chloe Searle has been working on developing stories and selecting objects from the collection. She has been doing this in collaboration with subject matter experts, local historians, and mana whenua. Our graphic designer Ingrid Cole has been working on concepts for the graphics inside the exhibitions including graphic displays, information panels, and label design. Staff are also working with expert consultants including a 3d spatial designer, a conservator, a writer and editor and a furniture fabricator and mountmaker.

We are now making our work available for viewing to the public. Visit us in the Museum temporary display space for a live exhibition featuring the work in progress for the redevelopment of our displays. You can view our concept work, working graphic concepts, design drawings, information and lists of object selections, proposed materials and colour schemes guiding our work as well draft textual information about stories and themes. On Wednesday afternoons between 2-4pm Museum staff will also be available to talk with you about the project.

Image: Graphic concepts for the Our Land theme in the new museum displays

Ingrid Cole